Saturday, August 14, 2010

I is done.

With work, that is.

Yesterday was my last day at the esteemed Cheyenne Eye Clinic, and boy was it a rough day. Maybe because it was Friday the 13th, but it was a cluster of a day where Tony and I BOTH didn't get off until almost 6.

Ambie Keen and family arrived after 7, and we were able to enjoy the evening.

I highly doubt I will miss working at the clinic, but some of the people were definitely cool.

My intention now is to not take for granted this time I have with Cody, and to make him and my family proud of me by doing well in school. I know there's a way to balance time with them, school, and the everyday things that need to be done, and I hope to find it.

For now, I'm going to attempt to take it easy (I say attempt because really? what do I know about relaxing?) and enjoy my weekend with my family and the Keen family.

oh, and a shout to my sister, Alicia (even though I doubt she reads this) to say Happy Birthday!

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