Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jesus & the Homeless Guy

The other day I was driving home from preschool with the boys & we were stopped at an intersection.  On the corner there was this old abandoned restaurant & a homeless guy sitting on a large flower bed outside the building.  He had a sign, I'm not sure what it said because I wasn't paying attention, but Cody sure was.

He took this opportunity to teach me something I'd long forgotten & I waited a few days to post it & I've yet to actually TELL anyone about it, mostly because I wanted to think about what had happened to me.  I'm not sure how the event transpired into something about me, but it did.

As we drove away from the intersection, Cody said, "mommy, did you see Jesus?"  I asked him what he was talking about & he said, "sitting back there where we waited for the red light."  I asked him if he saw Jesus sitting NEXT to the man & he said, "no, mommy, that man WAS Jesus."  I didn't know how to respond because I could obviously see that it was just a homeless man who looked NOTHING like the pictures we see of Jesus (assuming that Jesus even looks like that, but whatever).  I kept kind of asking him if he meant next to him or near him or what, & Cody was adamant that the man WAS Jesus.

I remembered the story from the bible where Jesus is walking & talking to someone & they don't recognize him.  Finally he reveals himself & the person is blown away by Jesus right there next to him.

I thought of that song by Joan Osborne that was so cool in the 90's- 'One Of Us.'  I remembered how we all sang along & probably never actually THOUGHT about the lyrics.  It amazed me that my 3 year old could so plainly see Jesus in the face of a homeless man that I would have never looked twice at.

Two days later, we drove past the intersection again.  This time there was no one there, but Cody told me, "Mommy, that's where I saw Jesus."  I would have thought by then he'd have forgotten but really, I know Cody better than that.

I asked him what Jesus was doing sitting there that day & he told me, "helping people."  I can't say that the homeless man was really helping anyone when chances are, he has a hard time helping himself, but maybe God took that opportunity to remind me through my son that maybe I should start thinking about people other than myself for once.  I hate to admit it, but in the last, well, little while, I've become rather selfish.  I get tired so easily & I just want the boys to go to bed so I can get some rest.  I get annoyed when talking to people & I'm not really in the mood instead of hearing what they really have to say.  I hate when I don't get what I want & I lose patience SO easily lately.

I've been struggling a lot with my faith lately.  I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been to church since Cheyenne & I just need to "refill my cup" or if there's something deeper, but I've definitely gotten off track.
It's interesting when your 3 year old shows you something you'd never expect & it's like a not-so-gentle reminder from the big man saying, "Hey, get it together Bran- hands & feet, remember?"

What kind of things have your kiddos shown you?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Things on my Mind Today (a picture display)

Today we skipped preschool & went to a big park called Lion's Club Park.  It was nothing like Cheyenne except the name.  The boys loved it & I think it was good for us to do that rather than take them to school.

Tomorrow (!!!) I'm dyeing my hair this color.  I'm super excited because I've not done anything fun with my hair in ages.  All my ginger friends, it'll be fake but I'll look like one of you. I'm not sure who this chick is (image found on pinterest) but she's super pretty.  I like the cut, too, but my hair wouldn't ever look like this since it's such a poofy curly ratty mess.

Bedding.  It's been on my mind most of the morning.  I'm in DESPERATE need of a change once we get to Florida so I'm on the hunt for the perfect duvet set.

Prenatal aerobics.  I was going to go today but since the boys didn't go to school I'll have to go another day. I found a place called 'Storkmommas' that offers prenatal zumba, aerobics, 1st/2nd/3rd trimester fitness, massages, etc.  Maybe I'll even stop being so socially awkward & make a friend or two.

Since my gaining command in Memphis released me, I no longer have to attempt to go there in June for my annual two weeks of active duty.  Instead of trying to go somewhere cool, I'm *really* hoping I can go to Cheyenne, not only to see my few fabulous friends, but also because I can take the boys.  In which case, if you or someone you know wants to watch my kiddos while I work IF I do come, please let me know.  I'll pay you handsomely.

How ridiculously badly I want to get this re-pierced.  Maybe I'll do it in the next few weeks...

yep.  you.

& that's all I've got.  Have a good day. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Eleven

Day 11 of 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me...

Describe 10 (ten?!?!) pet peeves you have.

Oooooh, this will be fun.  How many people can I offend in one post?  On the record, those of you who are my friends/family, chances are if you DO have one of these, I've learned to live with it & look past it. :)

1.  Being late.  I sincerely loathe being late.  Any time I'm late I feel like absolute garbage & I think it's rude of people to not have enough respect for me/their job/etc. to be prompt.  If I learned ANYTHING in the Navy, it's that "on time is late" & I try really hard to be early any where I go.

2.  Dirty fingernails.  There is an exception to this if you work in, say, a garage & have your hands in engine oil all day or on a ranch & you are consistently getting your nails dirty from pig slop or something (I know this one firsthand now) but if you sit at a desk all day & you have gross fingernails?  Ew.
3.  On the subject of nails, men with overly long fingernails TOTALLY grosses me out.  You're not a chick.  Cut that nonsense & be a man.

4.  People who are rude to servers/waitresses/waiters/service people for NO reason.  I can understand if they're jerks too but nine times out of ten, they're just trying to do their job so they can pay bills, go to college, whatever.  You are NO better than them so stop thinking you are.  It drives me crazy.  Seriously.

5.  Dirty shoes.  I get it if you're out doing something that involves having dirty shoes, but don't wear them to church.  Clean yourself up.  

6.  People who parade around like they are something spectacular when in reality, they are total train wrecks.  I think if you can't be real about who you are, then you're a jerk & a liar, even.

7.   People who are obnoxiously vocal about their beliefs & opinions but refuse to listen to other opinions or sides.  This is why you'll rarely catch me talking politics- because most people are so expressed in their thoughts they don't give others a chance to speak, especially those of us who are on the fence politically.

8.  People who don't stop on base during colors.  I know it's ridiculous, but if you're on a military installation & you aren't rendering the respect for our flag, you shouldn't be there.  Just my opinion, probably because I'm one of those obnoxious people when it comes to the military. ;)

9.  Along the same vein, people who judge military people without knowing anything about it.  I once met a person who made a comment about military spouses, saying that most women only married into the military because they wanted a free ride.  I'm not always the biggest fan of military spouses, but I certainly don't see most of them coming for a "free ride."  Watching their husbands/wives go to war & see things I can't even imagine seeing doesn't seem like an easy ride for me.  Having children while their husbands are deployed, living alone for months on end, doing it ALL by themselves, etc.  Spare me the free ride comments.

10.  People who smoke with their children in the car with the windows barely cracked.  I'm not judging smokers, but people who do this drive me UP THE WALL.  Your kid deserves better.  Not only is he/she going to reek of cigarettes, but you're also killing him or her in the process.  Get over yourself.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day Ten

30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me, Day 10.

This is a hard one for me, mostly because I usually post my blog posts on facebook & I'm not really sure that I want anyone reading this.

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

Seriously, this is one of those moments that I really don't know if I should write.  I've had a gazillion embarrassing moments, anyone who knows me knows how clumsy & stupid I am.

I think I embarrass myself at least once or twice a week by making a comment that's taken the wrong way.  I'm constantly doing the open mouth, insert foot thing.  I'm pitiful & I expect too much out of people & I get crazy bothered when things don't go my way.  Whomever said 'Expectation is the Root of all Heartache' wasn't kidding.  As a result, I look like a jackass when I ask 'why?' when chances are, whatever happened was no big deal but I took it the wrong way.  Heck, just the other day I was crossing a street & some guy stopped to let me pass & as I waved & started to run across I tripped & barely stayed upright to cross said street.  He was laughing as he drove off.

Embarrassing moments happen often & truth be told, I'd rather not post the MOST embarrassing moment.  It's something I'll keep between myself, my junior high boyfriend, & half of Toltec Elementary School (those that could potentially remember definitely don't read my blog).

I guess for now I'll just keep it that way.  I prefer knowing that few people in my life now know the story & now, most of you will be wondering but will (hopefully) be kind enough to refrain from asking.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things I Never Knew Until I Stayed On a Ranch.

A little Sunday post for your enjoyment, a list titled 'Things I Never Knew Until I Stayed On a Ranch'

1. Roosters?  They don't only crow at sunrise.  As a matter of fact, they do it whenever they feel like it.  Whether it's 11am, 3pm, the middle of the night, or all damn day.

2.  Guineas are the most annoying animals ever.  At least currently.  Because they are SO loud & obnoxious.

3.  Pigs will bite your rear end if you don't get their slop buckets out of the pen fast enough to feed them.

4.  Gator batteries die super fast.  Especially if a certain two year old keeps flipping light switches.

5.  You find yourself missing Cheyenne.  Because it's kinda isolated out here.

6.  Basset Hounds aren't the brightest animals.  At least when it comes to getting into cactus.

7.  Picking laid eggs is the coolest thing ever to an almost four year old.

8.  Speaking of eggs, fresh eggs?  WAYYYYY better than store bought.

9.  4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids, & 3 adults?  We get floors dirty fast.

10.  & the last thing I never knew until I stayed on a ranch...
little boys really ARE obsessed with tractors.  & 4 wheelers.  & gators.  & sand.  Baths are an absolute necessity daily here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkkkk!

I know you all have been on the edge of your seats, waiting & hoping I'd post something soon...

The boys & I are safely & soundly in Texas, settling in to ranch life & all that that entails.  For the last few days we've been feeding the animals, & by animals I mean chickens, guineas, peacocks, alpacas, llamas, goats, & pigs, careful to avoid the dead chicken in the back of the gator that my dad FINALLY moved yesterday.  We collect eggs & stir pig slop (leftovers from us- those pigs are SO spoiled!) along with all the other stuff- it's actually something I enjoy, & it gets us moving around.

The boys have also started preschool part time, which so far they really enjoy.  Cody was doing so well at his preschool in Cheyenne that I didn't want him to lose momentum & Sawyer was in need of some socialization.  It works out well because honestly, I need a break.  I'm able to run errands by myself or come home & do housework while they're at school & I think it makes us better all around.  The drive is even something I enjoy- it's 23 miles one way (10 just to get into town), but I'm getting caught up on new music that I've missed so it's exciting for me- I'm such a dork!

There are some things I miss about Cheyenne, for sure.  My privacy, for one.  I love being with my family but I was SO used to doing things my way that it's become a bit of a challenge to have to work around other people.  We're managing pretty well though, I think.  I definitely miss my friends, not having any nearby is weird & kind of lonely.  Thankfully I have plenty to do to keep me busy.  I miss Element, too- I haven't been to church since I left Cheyenne & I know I need to recharge there too.

On Monday I'll start back with the whole '30 things my kids should know about me' posts, that was lots of fun.

Today makes me 9 weeks pregnant & my first OB appointment is March 15.  I also have an ultrasound that day so fingers crossed everything is going okay in there!

The last few weeks since I left Cheyenne have been interesting.  Like I said, we're adjusting to life here & trying to get used to each other, but I'm thankful that my parents have let the boys & I come & invade their lives.  I'm fairly certain, however, that when Tony finishes school & it's time for us to head to Florida, we'll be MORE than ready. :)

Have a good weekend everyone.

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