Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things I Never Knew Until I Stayed On a Ranch.

A little Sunday post for your enjoyment, a list titled 'Things I Never Knew Until I Stayed On a Ranch'

1. Roosters?  They don't only crow at sunrise.  As a matter of fact, they do it whenever they feel like it.  Whether it's 11am, 3pm, the middle of the night, or all damn day.

2.  Guineas are the most annoying animals ever.  At least currently.  Because they are SO loud & obnoxious.

3.  Pigs will bite your rear end if you don't get their slop buckets out of the pen fast enough to feed them.

4.  Gator batteries die super fast.  Especially if a certain two year old keeps flipping light switches.

5.  You find yourself missing Cheyenne.  Because it's kinda isolated out here.

6.  Basset Hounds aren't the brightest animals.  At least when it comes to getting into cactus.

7.  Picking laid eggs is the coolest thing ever to an almost four year old.

8.  Speaking of eggs, fresh eggs?  WAYYYYY better than store bought.

9.  4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids, & 3 adults?  We get floors dirty fast.

10.  & the last thing I never knew until I stayed on a ranch...
little boys really ARE obsessed with tractors.  & 4 wheelers.  & gators.  & sand.  Baths are an absolute necessity daily here.

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