Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day Eleven

Day 11 of 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me...

Describe 10 (ten?!?!) pet peeves you have.

Oooooh, this will be fun.  How many people can I offend in one post?  On the record, those of you who are my friends/family, chances are if you DO have one of these, I've learned to live with it & look past it. :)

1.  Being late.  I sincerely loathe being late.  Any time I'm late I feel like absolute garbage & I think it's rude of people to not have enough respect for me/their job/etc. to be prompt.  If I learned ANYTHING in the Navy, it's that "on time is late" & I try really hard to be early any where I go.

2.  Dirty fingernails.  There is an exception to this if you work in, say, a garage & have your hands in engine oil all day or on a ranch & you are consistently getting your nails dirty from pig slop or something (I know this one firsthand now) but if you sit at a desk all day & you have gross fingernails?  Ew.
3.  On the subject of nails, men with overly long fingernails TOTALLY grosses me out.  You're not a chick.  Cut that nonsense & be a man.

4.  People who are rude to servers/waitresses/waiters/service people for NO reason.  I can understand if they're jerks too but nine times out of ten, they're just trying to do their job so they can pay bills, go to college, whatever.  You are NO better than them so stop thinking you are.  It drives me crazy.  Seriously.

5.  Dirty shoes.  I get it if you're out doing something that involves having dirty shoes, but don't wear them to church.  Clean yourself up.  

6.  People who parade around like they are something spectacular when in reality, they are total train wrecks.  I think if you can't be real about who you are, then you're a jerk & a liar, even.

7.   People who are obnoxiously vocal about their beliefs & opinions but refuse to listen to other opinions or sides.  This is why you'll rarely catch me talking politics- because most people are so expressed in their thoughts they don't give others a chance to speak, especially those of us who are on the fence politically.

8.  People who don't stop on base during colors.  I know it's ridiculous, but if you're on a military installation & you aren't rendering the respect for our flag, you shouldn't be there.  Just my opinion, probably because I'm one of those obnoxious people when it comes to the military. ;)

9.  Along the same vein, people who judge military people without knowing anything about it.  I once met a person who made a comment about military spouses, saying that most women only married into the military because they wanted a free ride.  I'm not always the biggest fan of military spouses, but I certainly don't see most of them coming for a "free ride."  Watching their husbands/wives go to war & see things I can't even imagine seeing doesn't seem like an easy ride for me.  Having children while their husbands are deployed, living alone for months on end, doing it ALL by themselves, etc.  Spare me the free ride comments.

10.  People who smoke with their children in the car with the windows barely cracked.  I'm not judging smokers, but people who do this drive me UP THE WALL.  Your kid deserves better.  Not only is he/she going to reek of cigarettes, but you're also killing him or her in the process.  Get over yourself.

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