Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day One.

30 Things my Kids Should know about me, day 1

20 Random Facts about myself.

1.  I can pick the correct amount of hangers for a pile of clothes without counting, almost every time.

2.  I drink a cup of tea almost every night, & I find it just as satisfying as booze used to be.

3.  The song "Springsteen" by Eric Church will NEVER get old.

4.  I still have my first pair of Doc Marten's, given to me by my first real boyfriend, as a tribute to the grunge days.

5.  I always put my left shoe on first.

6.  I cannot sleep unless I have pajama pants on.  No matter how warm it is.

7.  I slept with my stuffed rabbit until I was pregnant with Cody.  I even had it on my wedding night.  (Sorry Tony)

8.  I have an obsession with lip gloss.

9.  Cody was born on my mom's birthday, even thought I swore that kid would have his own birthday.  Then Sawyer was born on my friend Kristi's birthday.  Apparently my kids don't like having their own birthdays.

10.  & along with Sawyer's birthday, the day before he was born I was in early labor & we were looking at houses.  I told our Realtor that I was in labor & he's all, "shouldn't you be in the hospital?"

11.  I love being on my parents ranch & checking out the animals.  I can't wait until we retire so I can get our own animals & feed them & ride around on 4 wheelers.  It's so much fun.

12.  I asked Tony to marry me.  Most people know the story, but I still find it fun to talk about because that kind of stuff never happens.

13.  I have a texture thing.  I can't eat jello or mushrooms or oysters or anything slimy.  Ugh.

14.  I think the desert is the most beautiful thing ever.  Sad that my husband thinks it's ugly.  Equally sad?  He doesn't really like Mexican food.

15.  I love the smell of my dogs.  Even when they stink, I like the dog smell.

16.  I'm pretty sure pinterest is the greatest thing ever.

17.  I don't watch scary movies.  I'm still afraid of Freddy Kruger.  I won't sleep for days when I watch them.

18.  I don't talk about politics.  I don't think it's anyone's business what I believe or who I vote for.  However, I'm happy to listen to others rant & rave.

19.  Most duty stations I was at I hated until I left.  There's a saying that goes, "Your best duty station is always your last."  It's true.

20.  I can't get over how ridiculously cute my kids are.  Even when they misbehave, they are SO. DAMN. CUTE.

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