Wednesday, January 16, 2013

boys will be boys.

Today at lunch, the boys were sitting at their little table in the living room.  Sawyer was across from Cody & they were giggling as they ate & I was all proud at how cute they were & how well they were eating & I was thinking I should just feed them fish sticks all day every day because they gobble those things up like I attack movie theater popcorn.  It was adorable.

& then Cody dug in to his applesauce with his spoon, picked it up, & flung it at Sawyer.  & then there was applesauce all over Sawyer's little face & suddenly he looked really confused, like he wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry or fling some right back.  Cody was instantly placed in timeout, I flipped my lid for about .2 seconds & then I realized just. how. stinking. funny. it was.

I guess the notion of flinging things with spoons is programmed into kid's brains, kind of like Batman or Spiderman or tackling.

Crazy kids.

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