Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day Three

Describe your Relationship With your Spouse

Tony & I have been together almost six years.  While I find him to be a stubborn, selfish, absolute pain in the rear, I can't imagine having a better husband or father for my children.

In the last few years, we've gone through a number of problems.  We've experienced the loss of a child, separation, financial difficulty, & a multitude of amazing things too.

He's a genius.  He doesn't always use it to the best of his ability- but he's so smart I feel like an idiot around him sometimes.  He's done something new & is learning about his new job which is something I can't even imagine.

Our relationship is good, I think, for the most part.  We love God, each other, our children, & we are working towards creating a beautiful life together.

I'm thankful that my mother in law convinced me to ask him to marry me, & I'm thankful he said yes.  I'm thankful that he pursued me in the way he did, & that I was willing to listen.

Our life together is far from perfect, but the fact that we're able to think of things at the same time, & the way we can finish each other's sentences, the way we tend to feel the same about all the important things, & the awesome model we have for marriage in my in laws (over 30 years!), tells me that we've got a good thing going.

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