Monday, January 21, 2013

under contract.

I've been missing for a few days for a number of reasons.  We have been B-U-S-Y.  I've been trying to get scheduled to do a bunch of rescheduled drills, we've been planning our move, playing, & honestly, once the boys are in bed, I can barely stay awake, so I've been hitting the sack pretty early.

Yesterday we received an offer on our house.  It was decent, but we countered for a slightly higher amount & the potential buyers accepted our counter offer.  So, as of around 5pm last night, we are under contract!

The new buyers want to close on February 15- which means I've got a little over 3 weeks to drive the boys & I to Albuquerque to switch vehicles with Tony, pack up our ENTIRE house, put everything in storage, close on the house, then get the boys, the dogs, their beds, our clothes, etc., THEN get us to my parents house in Texas.

Holy Cow, we're SO busy!  I might not be posting much over the course of the next few weeks.

I will have some other stuff to share in the next few weeks, so I'll pop in occasionally.  Until then, if you're in Cheyenne & you're bored or something, you're welcome to entertain my children or help me pack. :)

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