Monday, December 31, 2012

my latest project.

Ok, so *technically* it was a joint project since Tony made the knobs smaller & drilled the holes for it, but I'll still claim it as mine.

I had an old sign I'd picked up at Goodwill for pretty cheap that was sitting in the garage.  I have been keeping all my old necklaces in this organizer thing I bought in Japan that basically had them all bunched up.  So I decided to make a necklace holder.

Above is the sign before.  I sanded it a bit, spray painted it, then had Tony drill the holes.  He accidentally drilled two extra holes but I looped some ribbon through to create earring holders instead of filling the holes & repainting.

& here is the end result.  I think it's pretty & it finally adds some sort of decor to our master bathroom, which has been empty up until today. :)

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