Monday, May 23, 2011

follow the leader.

One of my favorite blogs is the Heir to Blair (, who I e*know thanks to the bump (you know, that one site where I used to spend a disturbing amount of time? and even got my birth story with the Codester published?).  She does a segment called 'McFatty Monday' & I think I'm going to jump on this bandwagon in order to have another outlet to achieve my weight loss goals.

Saturday & Sunday both I worked out.  I was HORRIBLY UNIMPRESSED with my run on Saturday, I hadn't run in about two weeks & I couldn't even do my usual 2 miles.  I did about 1.7 miles & stopped, feeling sluggish & even less pumped.

On Sunday I took my new bike that we bought on Saturday at our local ReStore for a spin.  It had been YEARS since I've ridden a bike so I bet I looked pretty foolish.  But I cranked up my Pandora station & had a blast.  I loved it.   Loved.  LOVED.  it.  Thanks to our ridiculously high altitude, I couldn't breathe for most of the ride, but it was fun anyway. :)

So now I'm down 5 lbs total since I last blogged about my weight.  It's a slow process, but I'll get there.  Right now I'm focusing on making fitness a priority & making time to GET OUT THERE.

Weight on 31 March: 209
23 May: 204

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