Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's talk.

I know, I'm like a month (give or take a few days) behind.  It is what it is.  A (now) 2 year old, a 6 month old, & school full time leaves little time for blogging.  & no offense, but there's not a lot of people following this thing anyway, so it's really not a big deal since I'm friends with all of you on facebook anyway. :)

In the last month, we had a visit from my awesome in-laws, we visited Texas & bought 10 (TEN) acres of land for our retirement, Cody turned 2, & I've officially jumped on the 'Extreme Couponing' bandwagon.

So.  Let's work backwards.  The other day I rocked Walmart, buying over $25 worth of stuff & paying just over $7, thanks to coupons.  I bought toilet paper, body wash, & razors, all crap that we need.  I refuse to get all crazytown like some of these people on the show & buy 100 bags of croutons that I'll never use just because they were super cheap or free.  As I read on a facebook status today, it's like organized hoarding.

Cody's 2nd birthday was like a two week event.  Patty & Sobby came to visit so we took him to Chuck E. Cheese one day, had a party for him another, & as usual around grandparents, he was spoiled rotten.  Then, we went to Texas to celebrate his & my mom's birthday, which was also on Easter, so that was a big day.

As some of you know, my parents were planning on giving us 10 acres of land.  While we were in Texas, we went to the ranch to check out all of the property, & we decided we'd like to buy the land ourselves so it will be ours, free & clear.  We struck a deal between my parents & the owner of the lot we want, & soon, it will be ours.

Top all of this off with school, & it's safe to say I've been a little busy.  I'm done with three out of four classes, & my last final is on Monday.  I CANNOT WAIT.

That's all. See you soon. :)

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