Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the terrible twos.

Cody has entered these full-force.  Head on collision, even.

Two weeks ago my sweet boy would take a drink out of his sippy cup, say, "ahh" like we taught him, & set it down carefully on the table, just as we taught him.

Today, he chugged a swig, then chucked it across the room.

We then had a ten minute battle, complete with tears & screaming & timeouts, before he set it down on the table.

When did my sweet boy become the spawn of Satan?  & more importantly, how is it that people all over the world continue to have children after events such as these?

I know it's a phase.  & I understand that this is just a part of growing up, & it's got to be hard to be a two year old & not understand the ways of the world.

The end. :)

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