Monday, July 18, 2011

pacifier freedom.

Cody has been gnawing on the same gross paci for about a month.  I told him once that one was gone, he was going to be a big boy & lose it forever.

I assumed he would lose it after a day or two.  No such luck.

I can openly admit that the paci was more of a crutch for me than him, as it does exactly what it is supposed to do, "pacify."  When he is upset, going to sleep, or when he just has a hankering for some rubber in his mouth, he pops it in & shuts up.

Well, tonight we went on a family bike ride & he chucked it out of the bike trailer.  Rather than turn around & look for it, I said enough.  I'm so over that thing, it's never coming back in our house again.  No matter how much he screams.

That said, he went to bed pretty easily.  Let's hope he stays that way.

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