Thursday, October 7, 2010

alll byy myselffffff.....

So, Tony and Cody left yesterday morning for Baltimore. Tony had a rough day with Cody, through him being tired and jetlagged and in a new place, but it sounds like today is going well.

After I got home from the airport, I cleaned the snot out of Cody's room, top to bottom. I never get the chance to go beyond surface cleaning, so it was nice to do. I also disinfected his toybox and toys. Then I went to Target at 6pm and wandered around.

Today I shampooed the carpets in our room and the baby's room. I've made a little list of things I'd like to do everyday, so I'm not overwhelming myself and still getting some time to relax and do homework. I have plenty of motivation for cleaning, not so much for homework, so I'm going to HAVE to get off my rear this evening and do it.

And that's all. It's been a good couple of days, but I am missing my boys.

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