Sunday, October 17, 2010


After some serious dicussion, a lot of prayer, and advice from family/friends, we have decided to stick it out here. We may not love Cheyenne, and we may HATE Tony's job, but we've been feeling like us moving to Baltimore would mean we were running away from our problems. I never pictured myself the type to say this, but I don't want to leave my church, either.

We're starting to have a sense of community. We're starting to make friends and see where it is we can grow as individuals and as a family, and ways we can help those less fortunate.

Our big project now is to move off base. Tony has been feeling like he has no outlet since we live like 300 feet from his work, and I'm super tired of not having a place that feels like home. Like I said, we may not love Cheyenne, but it's not a bad place. I remember I used to tell young kids that had just joined the Navy and hated where they were that every duty station was "what you make it". It's time to listen to my own advice. I'm already enrolled in a good school, Cheyenne is VERY low on the crime scale, it's an awesome place to raise a family, it's beautiful when it's not windy, and there are some really nice houses in our price range. Both Tony and I feel if we had a place to go other than base, we'd probably be a lot happier. And whenever we go out and do things, we have a good time. It just seems more often than not that we end up sitting at home, talking about how much we hate it here. It's high time for us to become proactive and start doing all the things we want to do, like visit Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. And with a little planning and saving, we can do that.

So, instead of thinking the big risk would be to get out and move to Baltimore, we're starting to think the big risk is staying in the Air Force and dealing with the things we don't like. It's time to get our lives together and stop thinking about running away from our problems.

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  1. You made a very sound choice Bran! Good luck and stay positive, you will get the answers you are looking for if you just keep working at it!!!! <3


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