Monday, December 6, 2010

I have never in my life...

been SO SICK of two dogs. Everytime I turn around I'm having to vacuum the floor, sweep the floor, pick dog hair off toys and furniture, wipe drool off my leg, get Cody out of water & food bowls, yell at one of them for barking, yell at the other for whining and scratching the screen door, etc. I seriously HATE them.

I've already vacuumed & swept twice today. I found a piece of effing dog hair on our deli cheese when I was making Cody a sandwhich for lunch. I hate they way they sit at the foot of Cody's highchair begging for food & how he eats WAY less than he would normally because he likes giving them his food. I hate how we just got our new living room furniture last year and they've already scratched it with their talons.

I hate how Hot Lips comes into our bedroom AT LEAST twice a night wanting to go outside. Like I don't get up often enough with Sawyer in the middle of the night. I hate how they whine constantly when Tony walks outside for 30 seconds.

I would give just about anything to get rid of them right now.

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