Monday, January 24, 2011

I Hope He Knows.

I just put the kids down for a nap.  Tony hasn't tripped out yet but he's at work all day, the day before they trip out is their "training day", yet another day where he isn't with his family.

Yesterday Tony & I had a long (ish) talk about some stuff we've had on our minds.  I felt a million times better after said talk & I can only say today that I am thankful.  Thankful for all God has given me.  Thankful for my husband & children, friends & family, & having so many things that others aren't as fortunate to have.

I hope my husband knows how proud of him I am.  His job may seem insignificant to some (especially him) but in the big picture, he's doing something that so many aren't even able to do.  & although he isn't deployed, he's fighting for his country.  He leaves his family for days at a time (not months) but he still misses so much.  He's missed so much, as well, by me & the boys.  & I know his family in Baltimore misses him too.  He defends our country by sitting at a desk- not on some battlefield somewhere- but he's in the military.  He works hard.

He provides for his family.  He misses a million things while he's gone, new words that Cody learns or big smiles & kicks from Sawyer.  He leaves it all in my hands, trusting that I will do the best I can to manage the household, the kids, & LIFE without him for days.

I'm sure it's hard for him, as I know the two times I've been away from Cody have been hard for me.  He misses kisses & hugs, & watching Cody jump all over the dogs or try a new food he loves.

I am so very proud of him for what he does.  I hope he knows it.

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