Tuesday, January 18, 2011

let's talk groceries.

Ever go grocery shopping with a toddler & a newborn?

When I was younger, I hated school.  When I joined the Navy, I hated my job, I hated where I was stationed EVERY TIME (then I transferred & you know what they say- your favorite duty station is always your last), and most of all, I hated running.

Well, I still hate school & I don't currently have a job to hate.  & I still hate running even though I REALLY want to run a marathon (random).

None of those things compare to how much I DESPISE grocery shopping with Cody & Sawyer.  Nine times out of ten, Cody is screaming in the giant car cart where navigating it is like steering a boat, Sawyer is crying because he's not in the mood to be worn or whatever.  I'm trying to bribe Cody with food & promises of better things, shhsh Sawyer & get him to calm down, all while navigating the boat as quickly as possible down the aisles to grab what we need & get the hell out of dodge.  We're knocking things over, stopping at random to look at the list & for me to open yet another string cheese or peel a clementine, & old people are looking at me like I'm THAT mom.

Today I made the list in order of where things are located at the grocery store.  Not sure why I hadn't thought to do that before- but IT WORKED.  Cody was only fussy maybe two times & Sawyer was racked out in the Jeep carrier.  It was *almost* good.  I won't call it blissful, but it was about the closest we'll get to a pleasant trip to the grocery store with the kids.

Sometimes, things just work.  & today at King Sooper was one of those times.


  1. I cant imagine grocery shopping with 2. Just Ben makes it hard enough to make me want to shoot myself!

  2. My mom always makes her grocery lists in order of location. Always end with refrigerated/frozen foods! I have yet to master the layout of the grocery story but I try!


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