Thursday, February 10, 2011

rice chex & the fresh beat band.

After two days of my sweet little man throwing up as the result of a nasty virus I carried back from Arizona, he's finally back to normal today.  As much as I despise Cody being sick & myself being covered in vomit, it was pretty darn sweet to have him cuddle with me & love on me all day yesterday.

Today, after a two & a half hour nap, he's back to normal.  Jumping & dancing while watching the Fresh Beat Band & throwing an entire bowl of rice chex on the living room floor for the dogs to eat.

Tonight when he was consistently jiggling the door handle to open our bedroom door, signaling to me that he was ready for bathtime & went down fairly easily for bed early, smiled when he kissed Sawyer's sweet sleeping face- & I knew just how blessed I am.

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