Sunday, February 27, 2011

I wish I knew...

how to balance time.  I find that I am overrun with housework, homework, & laundry- & I have no motivation to do it.  It's not that I'm lazy- I just want to spend time with the boys & when they are asleep I want some time for myself.

I make lists of things that need to be done & once I check off a few items I find myself looking for something else that isn't on the list.  I've become world's biggest procrastinator.

I keep trying to find a way to do fun things with the boys but more often than not we end up playing with Cody's toys & watching Sesame Street.  I want to teach them & show them so many things.  I hate winter because it makes it hard to go out & play, which is Cody's favorite thing to do.

I want to educate them the best I can, as well as keep our house functioning & stay caught up on homework.  I wish I knew of a way to do it all.  At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I wish I were Supermom.

In addition to having a million things to do, I know I'm not making enough time for faith.  I want so badly to follow Jesus & be a part of something so much bigger than our mundane life.  When I think about God, I know how blessed I am.  I've been given such a precious gift & I just need to find a way to take good care of it.

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