Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cody's First Day.

Today is Cody's first day of daycare.  We made a big deal out of it, & by this morning he was SUPER excited to go to "school."  He didn't even eat breakfast & once we got there, he immediately began blowing raspberries to another kid & wandering around, probably plotting his next terror attack on the unsuspecting daycare providers.

Sawyer had an appointment, so we went & got some Starbucks & drove around for a bit after we dropped Cody off.  I didn't cry.  In fact, I was kind of relieved, because Cody wears me out.  We commented repeatedly on how strange it was without him.

After Sawyer's appointment we ran some errands, then came home.  I went out to buy some groceries then came back.  Shortly after, Tony left & Sawyer went down for a nap.

Then it hit me.

Now, I'm all alone & my Codester isn't here.  He's at daycare, hopefully having a blast.  But usually when Sawyer is asleep, Cody & I are playing downstairs or in the sandbox or cuddling playing on the computer.

So I organized the books in the boys room.  I cleaned the bathroom.  & right now, it's nothing but empty.

It gets easier, right?

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