Friday, August 5, 2011

maybe it's the drugs...

Or maybe, just maybe, we're getting back on track.

I've been on Zoloft for just over two weeks now.  We took out a personal loan to pay my ticket, so there's no longer a warrant out for my arrest.  We decided that me sticking with school is our best option- so we're in the process of taking out student loans to supplement our non-existent income.  Our second car was totaled from hail damage, & our insurance is paying off the majority of the loan- we have to pay some out of pocket, but not having that entire car payment should help us tremendously.

We found a beater car for $700.  It'll get Tony to & from work, & as far as we can tell, it doesn't need *too much* work.

Cody is starting daycare next week, to give him a little time to adjust before school starts.  They don't have room for Sawyer but I've had a few offers from friends who are willing to watch him.

We should find out in the next few days if Tony is getting the missile job, meaning he'll be home every day.  The schedule is similar to what he has now, but he will only be on base & not two hours away for days at a time.  Fingers crossed!

On a sad note, one of my mom's precious dogs died the other day.  Isabel the Chihuahua, who scared away that big mean boxer when he bit me 11 years ago, was killed by one of my parent's silver labs.  Sarita just grabbed her & snapped her sweet little neck- not the first in the attacks that caused my parents to have to put her down, as well.  So in the span of two days, my parents lost two dogs & I know they are heartbroken about it.  My granny called me yesterday, basically saying "I told you so.", since I had Sawyer laying on the floor right near the labs when we were there in April.  Thankfully, Sarita didn't hurt my babies & if she had, she would have been dead a long time ago.

Tony applied for a few slots overseas.  I know the chances are slim but my fingers are still crossed that he'll get orders & we can get out of here.

My brother-in-law got engaged yesterday.  I'm pretty happy for him- I hope him & Ashley will have a beautiful life together.

Also, in the last two weeks I've been to two concerts: Zac Brown Band (with Sonia Leigh & Blackberry Smoke) & Toby Keith (with Eric Church).  We actually had meet & greet passes to meet Toby Keith but it was during the Eric Church show & both Tony & I were more interested in seeing Eric Church, so we passed up that chance- & IT WAS SO WORTH IT.  I love me some Eric Church, & he put on a FANTASTIC show.

That's it for now, I suppose.  This has already become a novel.  More soon. :)

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