Friday, July 16, 2010


My shirt at work today.

According to my supervisor, I am not allowed to wear "t-shirts". I was NOT wearing a big, sloppy t-shirt you would wear around the house. I was wearing a regular, fitted shirt that I still don't think is a t-shirt.

What amazes me is that I've worn that shirt probably once a week to work for the last three months. And as of today, it was not allowed. Ridiculous.

I swear they people at that clinic act like we're treating the President instead of a bunch of old people on Medicare. These doctors act like they are something pretty damn special, and I get that they have a degree and all, but seriously?

Then I had to go to the pharmacy on base to get my vitamins refilled. My "yellow card" was expired, which is this card they require you to have that goes along with your ID card. So they made me fill out this ridiculous form before I could get my refill. And the pharmacy student that gave me my stuff was a total moron, asking me what MY last four were, then when I told him, he told me that was wrong, so I had to explain to him that he needed my sponsor's last four, not mine. Then he asked my sponsor's birthday instead of mine. Insane. I HATE being a dependent sometimes. I really miss the Navy today.:(

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