Saturday, September 11, 2010

getting my hopes up.

I hate when I do this. I want so badly for something good to happen for us and both of us are so hopeful that this Baltimore thing might work out. I know it won't be perfect, but now that we've started discussing it, we can't stop talking about it. Tony left for the field today and has been texting me about it all morning. He's so tired of going to the field, and I'm so tired of being alone with Cody for 4 days at a time. We need our family together.

On the same note, I'm scared to death of not being in the military. It's all I've known since I was 13, and not having that cushion scares me- but people do it everyday. The good thing about Baltimore is that we would have family nearby for help.

My parents don't know about this yet, and I have a feeling it won't go over well. They are so rooted in the military, plus us being in Baltimore and not near them will likely upset my mom- but we have to do what is best for our family.

I'm trying so hard not to get too excited. I'd really love something to happen in our favor. Please keep us in your prayers.

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