Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If it wasn't obvious before...

It is becoming clearer and clearer that Tony getting out of the Air Force is going to be our best decision.

Yesterday one of his supervisors asked Tony if he would reenlist if he could get Tony over to the Law Enforcement side of the base. Tony told him yes, so his supervisor went to the Senior and spoke to him about it. The Senior said his "hands were tied" and there was nothing they could do.

It amazes me that they don't care about losing an 11 year SSGT. We've tried just about all we can to make it work in the Air Force, and like I've said a million times, I'm scared to lose that cushion, but I KNOW my marriage won't survive if Tony stays in the missile field. There's no way.

And the idea of going to Baltimore is good, but so is staying in. Again, I wish I knew what the right decision was and what the right thing for our family is- but it sure seems like God is telling us to take the risk and leave the military.

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